Current Owner Search

A search that provides the current vesting deed and all deeds leading back to the most recent out-of-family deed that is at least 24 months old. This includes copies of the deeds, open mortgages, active judgments, active liens, legal description, etc

Two Owner Search

This report involves a detailed title search on the last two owners in the chain of title of the subject property. It covers vesting deed, open mortgages, active judgments, active liens, etc.

REO/Full Search

We perform the Full Search wherein we start the search from the foreclosed owner's full value/warranty deed. This report includes deeds, open mortgages, active judgments, active liens, bankruptcy, legal description etc. This search is particularly useful for the purchase of bank owned properties.

Deed and Mortgage Search

This search provides latest vesting deed and any open mortgages on the property with full legal description as per the vesting deed. This search does not cover judgments and other liens.

Bring Down/Date Down/Update Search

The report we generate is an Update run or search on the subject property from the date of last searched to the latest effective date and report all postings during this period.

Document Retrieval

We also offer Document retrieval services that include a copy of any specific document such as a deed, mortgage, lien, judgment etc. We obtain the best legible images through online recorder website, plant application, paid websites or ground search.

Document Review & Typing

We offer additional document services other than Abstract/Title Report preparation, which includes Ownership and Encumbrance, Foreclosure, Legal/Vesting, taxes, liens, judgments, etc. Experienced staff reviews the abstractor notes and attached documents to verify the chain of title, name and legal description consistency, and document legibility. Data will be accurately typed via spreadsheet/word doc templates or in the customer portal based on the requirement.

Tailored Search / Special Requests

We implement the following special requests:

Bankruptcy, Patriot, Grading, and Editing
Easements, CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)
Full set of pages or relevant pages of the documents
Customized Abstract Reports
Additional services on request


Based on your instructions for each order, we can return you the overnight documents via e-mail or fax. Archived forever on our client web site, you can always access them for viewing or downloading with no additional fee.


Our effective time-bound service and competitive pricing are expected to have a large client base. You can have our service reaching us at 301 706 3360 or email

Customer Service

We work toward achieving this, because your satisfaction rewards us greatly. Our customer service is sensitive to issues and details of any kind. We value your time so we return your calls, and avoid confusing status checks. Our technological infrastructure helps us immensely serving you better. So we deliver our service, support, and help faster than you can imagine. Being self-critical, we always strive to improve our services, while inviting suggestions from people like you.

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